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Tbilisi as a metropolis of Georgia has 1.5 million habitants, disposed on the shore of the Mtkvari River and presents an architectural blend of classical and medieval buildings. People of different religious beliefs, nationalities and cultures inhabit it.

In Tbilisi, a well-developed transport network, but due to the inherent large cities and traffic disruptions in the schedule of transport, it is better to think about auto renting in Tbilisi, which gives you the freedom to choose routes not only in the town but also in the neighboring area.

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Tbilisi has a long and proud history since its founding in the fifth centenary. Being at the crossroads betwixt Europe and Asia, has played a considerable role in shaping the character of the city, combined with ethnic and cultural diversity, which makes it particularly interesting and give a shade of mystery.

Despite the fact that Georgia today is in a phase of growth, tourism is undoubtedly one of its strengths.

The formal language is Georgian, which is amongst the world’s fourteen types of languages, ancient origin and is entirely different from the Indo-European ones.

The city is founded in a valley encircled on all flanks by hills and intersected by the river Mtkvari, which divides it into two parts and create the beautiful scenery along the waterfront.

Of course the center of Tbilisi is full of attractions, of particular interest to any visitor. A stroll along the central Rustaveli Avenue, will give the opportunity to see many important monuments, including the Palace of Pioneers, Opera and Ballet Theater, the Parliament building, without losing the opportunity to visit the many bars and restaurants with delicious national cuisine.

With a convenient car rental in Tbilisi can go in quarter Avlabari, to see the majestic churches and cathedrals, to visit Metekhi, with a statue of the founder of the city. Demonstration of the multicultural history of Tbilisi are Orthodox and Catholic temples as well as mosques, synagogues and even Zoroastrian shrine placed in close vicinity to each other.



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