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Unconventional and independent Vilnius, placed in the south of Lithuania, is the nearest point to the center of Europe and an ideal starting point for a tour in many directions. History of Vilnius, by which permeated every corner of this charming town, is closely linked with the history of Germany, Poland and Russia.

Get a vehicle renting in Vilnius and organize your trip with all the amenities without thinking and having to worry about anything, easy move from the mountains of Three Crosses in the historic center, to the unusual statue dedicated to rock legend of Frank Zappa, and eventually with stops in attractive night clubs that animate life in the city.

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  • Additional equipment such as GPS, child seats, ski racks, luggage baskets and more are available upon request.
  • Car hire in Vilnius – Confirmation of your reservation you can receive in a few hours to your email address.
  • You selected vehicle will be provided at the address you specify and return can also be produced in your desired location.
  • Driving license is desirable to be an international standard or with the appropriate translation if they are not issued in Latin.

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Avoiding stereotypes, we can say that Vilnius, small capital of Lithuania, to capture the hearts of visitors at a glance. This city is full of the atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality. It is complicated to shape a single image of architectural and artistic diversity of Vilnius, because it is so multifaceted.

Vilnius entices visitors with its old eccentric center of baroque, full of sanctuaries and bell towers. It is the only place where the statue dedicated to Frank Zappa. Sacred and profane are mixed and presented as a whole. There is even a saying that wherever one go, in any place can find at least one temple.

As tells the legend, Vilnius was created in 1320 by Prince Gediminas after the apparition in a dream. In the 16th centenary it became important town of Eastern Europe. Regal palaces, while the Kingdom of Poland, were decorated with late Gothic and Renaissance style.

To date, by car rental in Vilnius, visitors can see the richness of the city's history, as well as fun entertainment. There are abundance of bars, cafes and nightclubs for enjoyable evenings. Due to the notable student community in Vilnius plenty of cultural and entertainment opportunities.

As a rule, bars and clubs are particularly active at the end of the week and on weekends. Lithuanians at first glance may seem introverted, but if once the ice is broken, you immediately change the opinion about them!



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