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Rent a car in Kutaisi, Georgia, car rental from Naniko at cheap prices.

When planning your vacation or business trip, no one wants to stand in queues waiting for public transport and to be dependent on their schedule and itineraries.

The purpose of any trip – to enjoy at maximum the limited time that is allocated to leisure. Therefore indisputable and logical to resort to very efficient service of car rental in Kutaisi and quietly and freely choose the route you want and enjoy the sight.

Select on desired car for rent in Kutaisi and enjoy your vacation!

  • Vehicles only famous brands, popular model among drivers of different countries, both mechanical and automatic transmission, petrol or diesel.
  • A variety of price categories: economy cars, compact, business or executive class or SUVs and vans.
  • Rental cars in Kutaisi – Make an order, you can quickly by call or e-mail, pre-specified the delivery in a convenient place for you inside or outside the city.
  • Available a large range of accessories like GPS Navigator with a map of the country, car seats for children, ski racks, luggage baskets and much more.
  • For lease agreement must have a driver’s license, passport and credit card
  • We strive to make our service to be the most comfy and lucrative for our customers.

Car hire in Kutaisi opens vast world of opportunities provided to you by Naniko!

With a populace of 234 thousand people, Kutaisi is the second largest city and the capital of Georgia’s region Imereti. The town covers an area of about 65 square kilometers and is disposed at 80-120 meters above sea level, in the valley of Colchis.

The history of the city dates back to the ancient times, it was founded more than 3,500 years ago. Consequently of Greek mythology here was stored the famous Golden Fleece, in search of which went to Jason and his Argonauts.

In the tenth century Kutaisi was the first capital of the United kingdom of Georgia, here lived King Bagrat III, who as a symbol of oneness of the country, built a magnificent Bagrati Cathedral. Kutaisi remained the capital during the 124 years.

And when, in 1122, King David the Builder liberated from the Arabs Tbilisi, the capital was moved there.

Kutaisi being at the intersection betwixt east and west of the country, convenient and suitable place where you can start by car rented in Kutaisi, on the discovery of other regions of Georgia. The city has a modern international airport, from where there are several flights to destinations in Europe.

The city is divided into 12 municipal regions. The northeastern part of the valley is bordered by Okriba, in the north – the mountain Samgurali, and on the southeast side – Colchis valley. The population lives mainly in the valley.

The climate here is humid subtropical. As a rule, winter is mild and dry, but summer is very hot.

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