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Rent a car at the Kutaisi airport Kopitnari, the best deals from Naniko car hire

With its strategic location, from Kutaisi hence possible to organize a trip across the western and central parts of the country, just over an hour to reach the seaside or mountain resort. As a rule, all western Georgia at a glance, just in one hour!

At the Kopitnari airport of Kutaisi, Naniko is waiting for you to offer the perfect services. Hire an auto at the airport in Kutaisi is a smart decision in terms of saving money and also the ability to achieve in only half an hour the city and neighboring zone.

The company Naniko provides car renting at the airport Kutaisi, with the freedom to choose any direction!

  • Immediately outside of the arrival hall, you will be expected by employee of the company who will give you the keys of your car and all the relevance documents.
  • Rental cars in Kutaisi airport – When transferring the vehicle its necessary to check out an external and internal condition for the task of damage. This is an important process, because the car must be refunded in the condition as it was from beginning.
  • You can return the car at any time and location you choose, warn about it the company in advance.
  • Cars for rent at the Kutaisi airport – Naniko fleet provides a huge alternative of all types of vehicles: small, medium, and large in size, with automatic or manual gearbox, minibuses up to 9 and 15 passengers and more.
  • Also available for rental security chains, child seats, satellite navigation systems and more.

Naniko and its staff are ready to welcome you and provide by car rental at the airport in Kutaisi at the best price!

Corresponding to the fact that in recent years, Kutasi, like the rest of Georgia has become a topical international tourism destination, was designed the new project of Kopitnari Airport, 20 kilometers from the town.

New airport terminal takes more than 4 thousand square meters and is the core of the whole structure.

It composed of a central arrival hall, reception area with three gates, shops, bar and open garden. In the arrivals area there are also custom for the border police, the administrative part with staff rooms and a hall for press conferences.

Inwardly the terminal is characterized by a clear umbrella, which at the same time operates as a circular track for passenger traffic that gives the stunning views of the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains on the horizon. The entire interior is made of white Corian, which enhances the effect of transparency.

At the foot of the tower, at more than 1,500 square meters, are placed various offices of airport structure. Feature and detail of the tower is rare in that it is covered with a transparent coating that can change the coloring depending on the traffic at the moment.

When creating such an avant-garde and original buildings of its kind, of course, cannot be ignored the issue of sustainability.

For resolving this question, the natural sources of groundwater has a decisive importance, as used for the cooling tower and floors and control the temperature of terminal building.



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