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Located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula and in the southern region of Europe, Macedonia is an exceptional country that is able to offer much to its visitors in terms of tourist attractions. Here you can enjoy a magnificent climate, and the mountains, lakes and rivers create a magnificent environment and are excellent prerequisites for a good holiday. It can be easily reached from all over the world and it should be noted that Macedonia remains one of the nations where you can still discover many new things. The ideal time to visit Macedonia is the period from May to October, as this period is the driest and warmest during the year.
There are different types of transport that can be used for traveling in Macedonia, such as buses, taxis, trains and even ferries, but the best option for a free trip will be car rental in Macedonia.
The Kingdom of Macedonia was founded around the fifth century BC thanks to the efforts of the great Alexander of Macedon, who in the course of his conquests reached the Indus River. Subsequently, Macedonia was conquered by the Romans and then by the Turks. In its history, namely, in 1900 the country Macedonia was divided between Greece and Serbia, and later, the Serbian part was annexed to Yugoslavia, which in 1991 became autonomous, declaring itself a presidential republic.
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It is possible to make your reservation in a matter of minutes through our convenient booking system, and also you can make an order by phone or directly at rental points that are available throughout the country and at all key points.

Our fleet provides you with a huge choice, where you can find cars of different categories and suitable for different purposes and style of the trip. For your business trip or for a special event, luxury cars are offered, small and economical cars are available for city trips, and for group trips you can choose something for yourself from a series of roomy minivans or minibuses.

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On your service we always have our qualified staff of specialists who can help you both in choosing the right car and offer the right package of services. Among the advantages received from us, there will be unlimited mileage and free assistance in case of unforeseen situations on the road.

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