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The city is disposed in the north-west of Belarus and it’s the metropolis and cultural center, with a populace of over 1.7 million. Svislach River crosses over the town. In historical chronicles indicated that it was a prior commercial center in the middle Ages.

During the Second World War, much of Minsk was disrupted; however, many historic buildings were saved or later restored, including the churches, such as the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and St. Mary’s Cathedral of 1700.

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History of the town well represented in the Museum of the antique history, while the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War is dedicated to its role in this war.

Minsk is a city with rich green spaces, the most celebrated of which Gorky Park, created in 1800. Here you can calmly take a walk in the green lawns and beautiful gardens, relax at lake, see an observatory and orrery, as well as for children amusement park and Ferris wheel. Ethnographic Complex, located not so far from the city, is of particular interest. The complex composed of three villages with historic buildings and original works of rural architecture from different regions of Belarus.Car hire Minsk

At the same moment, Minsk is full of wonders and gaiety, does not cease to fascinate tourists and visitors by many cultural and entertainment venues.

On the coasts of the river Svisloch, in a picturesque park of Yanka Kupala can take a boat ride, enjoy the amazing passage and relax in the beautiful surroundings.

Wandering through the ancient roads of the city, it is unbelievable to remain apathetic and do not visit such places as the beautiful baroque cathedral of St. Duhavki, the Church of St. Peter and Paul, and the Cathedral of the Assumption, built by the Jesuits.

Car hire in Minsk – For lovers of long walks in nature, the surroundings of Minsk with a riot of greens are just a paradise!



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