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The most interesting conditions for car rental at Oslo airport and the benefits when rent a car with Naniko

The beautiful and modern capital of Norway, Oslo offers many interesting things to explore and its center you can walk on foot, along many streets and paths that connect various parts of the city. Of course, there are numerous pedestrian areas, but to reach more remote regions and suburban areas, it is quite convenient to use services of car rental from Oslo airport.
Airport Gardermoen is a great starting point of your trip. Oslo is very well renowned for its sights, museums and cultural monuments, on which the imprint of the Scandinavian influence is clearly visible.
From Naniko, you can very easily rent a car at the airport in Oslo and enjoy a sense of freedom on the roads of the country.

Learn about the many beneficial reasons why the economical car rent at Oslo airport by Naniko will be the key to the best trip!

Using the convenient filters of our booking system, you will quickly be able to select the car you need from the spectrum of our fleet and as a confirmation of the order you will receive a reservation voucher to your e-mail, in which all the conditions of your order will be displayed.

The widest range of vehicle fleet of our company gives you the opportunity to choose the car that meets the criteria you need. Here you can choose from economical city cars of small dimensions, capacious and reliable minivans and SUVs, sedans and elegant models suitable for special occasions and business meetings.

On our website prices are published, which already includes VAT and the cost of compulsory car insurance and there are no hidden surcharges. In the event that you order additional services or ancillary equipment, including a GPS navigator, a child seat, accessories for a winter trip or other options, you can find the prices for them in the corresponding section.

At any time, even if your flight arrives late at night or early in the morning, you can pick up your car at the place of arrival, just mention this at the time of booking or by direct phone conversation with our representative. Often, service providers have an additional fee for delivery of cars during off hours, but we have this service for free! Also, you can preliminarily agree on a specific place for the return of the car, where and when is most comfortable for you.

Expand the boundaries of your travel with the comfort of auto rental at Oslo airport and get the benefits provided by Naniko!

In a word, you can easily come to the conclusion that rent a car at the airport of Oslo Gardermoen is the best way to travel and will allow you to ideally enjoy the comfort and complete tranquility, also the freedom to choose the routes that interest you.


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