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Information about car rental in Slovenia and how to rent a car by international company of Naniko

Many travelers have already learned from their own experience that the ideal way to travel to explore a new area is to rent a car in Slovenia, which allows you to be autonomous and independent in choosing the desired routes when you arrive. It’s very important to take in consideration the way of booking in advance, because in this way you win time and get a chance to find the most favorable conditions, to find special offers and seasonal discounts on the website of Naniko.

Slovenia is an excellent choice for an unforgettable trip by car, as the territory is small and the roads are in very good condition, which will be a great pleasure to explore and enjoy the charm of the countryside and urban areas.
The population of Slovenia is about 2 million people. The area is mostly hilly and mountainous, more than half of which is covered with forests. Slovenia is popular for winter sports, that attracts many tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. Naniko can offer you the largest selection of car rental in Slovenia, Ljubljana and its other cities and key locations.

Take note of the most useful information about the benefits of car rent in Slovenia from Naniko, for an easy and free trip!

You can get information on the pages of our website in different languages, as well as on the telephone you will be served by our multilingual operators, ready to answer any of your questions regarding car rental services in Slovenia and around the world.
Unlike many other providers of these services, we do not have any hidden surcharges, and the proposed tariffs already include the cost of insurance and taxes, which excludes the increase in the price originally offered to you.

A variety of categories of vehicles are available at your choice in our fleet, and through our reservation system, which has convenient filters, you can specify any criteria you need, which will shorten the search time. For special occasions, corporate events, celebrations or business meetings, you can take advantage of the spectrum of our luxury cars.

In order to make certain changes to an already completed order or cancel it, you just need to read the relevant instructions on the site and free of charge to perform the procedure no later than two days before the start of the rental period.

Visit the most interesting places for you, using the convenience and benefits of auto rental in Slovenia, received from Naniko!

To take advantage of the range of additional services or to order accessories necessary for a certain travel style, you simply need to open the desired section and choose everything you need, for example, a navigation system, a car seat for children, holders of sports equipment or other.

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