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Rent a car in Chisinau, Moldova, car rental at cheap price

In nowadays hectic lifestyle, and with today's technologies we have no necessity to spend hours and effort to purchase a particular product or order a service. At present, a lot of the known companies worldwide operate with virtual offices, via the Internet. The best example is the tourism industry in general and, in particular, car hire.

Rent a car in Chisinau – Going on a trip to Chisinau, together with the other details of trip, of course you will think about convenient moving mean and the research engine will suggest you a long list of companies offering a car rental in Chisinau. But is it so easy to find out and select the suitable one without is mistaken.

Your best guarantor of car for rent in Chisinau, world known company Naniko, offers car delivery anywhere in the city!

  • The company's services are available at any time:
  • Wherever you arrive, would be it airport, station or other place in the city, you can just specify the address and the machine will be delivered to your arrival.
  • Among the many optional accessories for safety and comfort, we offer children's car seats of various sizes from birth to 12 years, that is still the weight of 36 kg and height of 1.5 m.
  • The main task for the child seat is to protect passengers in the event of an accident, emergency braking or sudden maneuver. It is also important to properly install a car seat and fasten securely.
  • Proposed by us child seats are universal, fold up and do not take up much space.
  • Price for lease includes delivery in Chisinau, unlimited mileage, 24 hour accessibility to our operators.
  • In most cases, we offer a vehicle with a full fuel tank and, respectively, for the return the fuel level should be similar.

All the advantages of car hire in Chisinau, at your service from Naniko!

Chisinau being the capital of Moldova has about 876,000 inhabitants and is the city with the highest density of populace in the country. Disposed in the southern part, along the river Bik, the old town was almost completely disrupted during the Second World War, but after restored.

In the sixteenth century, the capital of Moldova was occupied by the Ottoman Empire and remained under its influence until the nineteenth century. During the war a lot of migrating Jews found refuge in Moldova. After several years of Romanian occupation and years of communist dictatorship, finally in 1991 the country gained independence.

Chisinau is very interesting to visit as a very rich of history. Start informative tour best with the central part. You cannot lose sight of the Arc of Triumph and the visit of the Cathedral Park with a beautiful bell tower of  1836, always open the characteristic flower market and Parliament Building.

Car hiring in Chisinau  -Interesting place to visit is a public park Gradina and the central market. And for the rest, and a little romantic day is magnificent to visit a botanical garden with exotic plants.



Car hire in Chisinau Airport

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