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Riga is a charming city that deserves exploration from corner to corner and visiting even the lesser-known places and roads.

If you are in quest of a inexpensive car renting in Riga, Naniko is the very company that will provide you with options responding to all your requests and needs. Based on our professionalism and reliability, you can be assured that your trip will take place in complete tranquility and exactly as you planned it with confidence and comfort on any routes of city or country.

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  • When traveling with friends if you desire to add an additional driver, you must specify it in advance for inclusion in the lease agreement. He must be presented when pick up the vehicle and give a valid license of driver and passport.
  • Age limit to lease in our company stated 21 years with a practice of driving of two years.
  • If you wish to cross the border in a rented car, you can do it without any problems, pointing initially. You will get from the company specifically notarized permission.
  • Return of auto can also be done in any favorable place for you wherever finish your travel itinerary.

Unlimited mileage from Naniko on car rentals in Riga – your way to the discovering of the city!

The historic center of Riga is disposed on the shore of the Daugava River, which intersects the city. Here can appreciate the old monuments, ranging from the Middle Ages. St. Peter's Lutheran Church of the thirteenth century, with a 400 – foot bell tower is certainly stunning. Very interesting museum of decorative arts and porcelain.

Sitting comfortably in your rental cars in Riga, you can go in the rout of the Cathedral of Our Lady, built in 1211, had undergone several fires, and so different from the original.

In recent years, tourism in Riga is gaining great pace because it provides visitors view absolutely stunning views, from natural and architectural point of view.

In the summer the Cathedral Square features an outdoor patio, and turns into a crowded meeting place where cafes and restaurants offer delicious beer and the typical vodka, open until late evening and full of fun and entertainment.

In the capital, where a wide choice of dining, restaurants offer the typical Latvian and international cuisine.

Riga is actually located a few kilometers from Stockholm and other Baltic cities as Vilnius, Tallinn and Helsinki, and having available an auto rented from Riga, it is easy to travel to these European capitals.

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