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Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe, placed between Romania and Ukraine. This is a small nation with a total area of 33,851 square kilometers, which lies between two rivers Prut and Nistru. Although Moldova is very close to the Black Sea, it has no outlet to the sea. Area is covered by low mountains and hills.

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The population of Moldova counts in total about 3.6 million people and the official language is Moldovan, although it is also used Romanian which is almost the similar.

Due to the country's natural landscapes and rich heritage of winemaking here is well developed tourism. Wine tours are very attractive for visitors and they offered across the country, visit vineyards and cellars such as Purcani, Ciumai, Romanesti, Cojusna, Milestii Mici and others, which can be reached by car rental in Moldova.

Since ancient times, Moldovans practiced various kinds of folk arts, such as wood and stone carving, weaving and pottery. Although most of the works represent the scenes of Christian worship, the Moldovan culture is not limited to the religious character.

Initially, under the influence of Romanian culture, Moldova absorbed the artistic trends of Western Europe, as manifested in the development of literature and art in general.

In Moldova, more than 140 historical monuments, including Roman and medieval fortresses attract large numbers of tourists.

Two large Moldavian fortress Soroca and Tighina, built between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, are of exciting evidence of the wealth of the architectural heritage of Moldova.

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